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Evan Shelan

Evan Shelan is the creator & founder of Global FinTech Forum. He graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BA in economics. In 1994 he transformed the foreign currency exchange business from an analogue model to a web-based environment... continue >

Rebecca Hamby

Rebecca Hamby is the Director of Inventory Management and has been with eZforex since 2010. Utilizing her background in math, she uses predictive analytics to ensure precise fulfillment on all orders. Rebecca co-developed eZforex's hedging system and oversees its daily use... continue >

Kim Mooney

Kim Mooney is the Director of Accounts & Customer Support and has been with eZforex since early 2011. Kim has a strong background in the banking industry: she originally worked in new accounts and was later promoted to lead teller for eight years... continue >

Tanna Brewer

Tanna Brewer is the Director of Internal Auditing and has been with eZforex since 2009. A graduate of Texas A&M University- Commerce with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Tanna has 21 years of experience in accounting... continue >

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