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eZforex, a Texas based company, is the nation's leading Foreign Exchange service provider for credit unions and banks. Incorporated in 1994, eZforex was designed for international travelers to easily access over 100 foreign currencies in a single marketplace with next business day delivery. Today, eZforex services over 4,000 financial institutions including banks, bankers banks, credit unions, and corporate credit unions. For almost twenty years, eZforex has specialized in providing a single product: foreign currency. Today, eZforex is one of the first companies in the United States to introduce a completely BSA and Dodd-Frank, Section 1073, Regulation E compliant alternative for financial institutions. Committed to providing superior services to its customers, eZforex's drive for innovative technology development is unparalleled in the industry. eZforex embraces the mantra of the great American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison who said "There's a better way to do it - find it."

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